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Surley Recalls Bicycle Forks Due to Fall Hazard
May 10, 2013

Surly100mmbikeforkLARGESurly Bikes, a popular and reliable designer of all sorts of bicycle parts, has recently had its Pugsley Bicycle Forks recalled after tests determined that the fork could bend above the disc brake mount, resulting in a serious fall hazard to the rider. Surly advises all consumers of this bike fork to immediately stop using any bicycle that is equipped with this specific Surly bicycle fork. The consumer should then contact any Surly dealer for a free inspection and replacement for a full refund.

These products, manufactured by Aprebic Industry Co. Ltd. out of Taiwan, are either 100 mm or 135 mm, are made of tubular chromoly steel, and come in black, yellow, or red. Before the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled these bicycle forks, there were approximately 1,000 that have been sold to the public either individually or pre-installed on Surly Pugsley bicycles. The positive news surrounding this product recall is that no bicycle injuries have yet been reported to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The personal injury bicycle accident lawyers at Caress Law Group advise all Indiana cyclists to stay as up-to-date as possible on bicycle product recalls like this one. Dangerous products can lead to devastating results and injuries, particularly when operating your bike at a high rate of speed. We will continue to do our best to keep Hoosier bicycle users aware of these recalls. Aside from recalled products, try to keep a close eye on all your bicycle gear and equipment, including tire pressure, helmet fit, and strength of your brakes in order to avoid being involved in an bicycle crash.

The Indiana Bicycle Lawyers have over 20 years of experience in representing injured victims of automobile accidents, personal injury accidents, and medical malpractice. Over the years, we have taken great pride in representing injured cyclists, mainly due to being avid bikers ourselves. If you or a loved one has been hurt or injured in a bicycle crash in Indiana or have sustained any other sort of injury, our personal injury lawyers would be honored and privileged to assist you. Feel free to call at 317-255-5400 or e-mail us at lance@caresslaw.com. We look forward to keeping you updated on all things bicycle-related through our Indiana Bicycle Law Blog.

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