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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Indiana Bicycle Law?
Indiana Bicycle Law is hosted by the Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice Law Firm of Caress Law Group. Tim Caress, an avid cyclist and runner, noticed a gap in the legal community for law firms who concentrate on promoting cycle safety and who also focus on representing the interests of injured cyclists. Together with his legal team, they created Indiana Bicycle Law using their combined years of legal experience and history of representing injured Hoosiers to create a new and unique branch of their firm.

If I am in a bike crash, do I need a lawyer?
If you sustained injuries in the crash, we suggest you probably do. We offer free consultations so there is no harm in calling and we are happy to provide counseling. It is also important to contact an attorney because there are many instances that require timely action. The Indiana Bicycle Attorneys are happy to provide guidance unique to your case when we speak with you.

What if I can’t afford a lawyer?
That’s not a problem at all. We work on what is known as a contingency fee basis. A contingency fee means we only get paid if we make a recovery on your behalf. If we are not successful in resolving your case, there is no fee to you. Therefore, it doesn’t cost anything to call (and hire) the Indianapolis Bicycle Attorneys.

If I am involved in a Bike Accident, who is responsible for my Medical Bills?
Who pays your medical bills depends on the specific circumstances of your accident. When you contact us, we will be able to explain who is likely responsible for your injuries and damages, including your medical expenses.

What type of damages can be recovered in a bike accident case?
The Indiana Bike Lawyers can help you recover your medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and other non-economic damages. Claims for lost wages, pain and suffering, and medical expenses encompass both past and future damages. You can also recover for the property damage to your bike.

What if I am involved in a hit-and-run accident?
Hit-and-runs are unfortunately very common as more and more bicycle and pedestrian-friendly areas are being created and used. Hit-and-runs can be complicated cases and you will likely need an experienced Indiana bike attorney who is not just familiar with bike and pedestrian accidents, but also the ins and outs of insurance claims and insurance policies. In most cases, you can make a claim. Even if there is no contact, you still may be able to make a recovery. When you call us, because each case is so different, we will be able to elaborate on and explain your rights in the hit-and-run incident.

Should I call the police after an accident occurs?
If you are injured, the Indiana Bicycle Accident Attorneys encourage you to call the police immediately and file a police report. It is important that the facts and circumstances of your accident are documented by the investigating officer.

What if the insurance company for the vehicle or other entity that caused my injury calls me, should I talk to them?
Know this: Your interests and the insurance company’s interests are not the same; in fact, they are adverse to each other. We suggest that you get their information and contact our office. It is our job to deal with them and it is your job to work on getting back on your feet. If the situation is one that does not require our services, the Indianapolis Bicycle Accident Lawyers will be the first to tell you.

What areas of Indiana do the Indiana Bicycle Attorneys represent injured cyclists and pedestrians?
At Indiana Bicycle Law, our bike lawyers regularly represent folks all over the State of Indiana. We often represent bicycle crash victims and pedestrians in cases in Indianapolis and Hamilton County, including areas around the Monon Trail like Carmel and Fishers. However, we take pride in helping Hoosiers from all across this great state.

Caress Law Group’s Indiana Bicycle Lawyers are the leading Indiana personal injury attorneys who dedicate a significant portion of their law practice to representing victims of bicycle accidents. Please contact us at any time at 317-255-5400 or by clicking the "Contact Us" tab above.
We look forward to helping you on your path to recovery.