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Indiana Bicycle Law Update: Sections of Monon Trail to Close
April 22, 2013

MononThe City of Indianapolis’ Department of Public Works will begin a rehabilitation project for the Monon Trail today, April 22, 2013, beginning at 75th Street and extending north for about 2,600 feet. DPW listed drainage problems along this part of the trail as the reason for the temporary closure. Currently, this part of the trail has a problem with standing water that occurs during and after rain showers. Standing water on the Monon Trail can break down trail infrastructure, making biking, running, and other forms of exercise difficult and potentially dangerous.

This construction of the Monon Trail north of 75th Street will begin today and extend for approximately two weeks. During that time period, bike traffic will be prohibited from 75th Street extending through 86th Street in Nora. Pedestrians will be permitted to use the trail between 86th Street and the area where the improvements will take place. The City of Indianapolis has placed bicycle and pedestrian detour signage near the closure site so that Monon Trail users will be able to pick up the trail at a different location. The detour will use Washington Blvd. to 84th Street and continue on Pennsylvania Street until 75th Street, allowing bikers to enter the Monon at 75th Street to head southbound.

Our Indiana Bicycle Lawyers want to make sure our readers are aware of this temporary closure. The forecast looks promising the next two weeks, so if you plan to use the Monon, just be aware of these changes. Trail users should expect congestion on the weekends near the detour routes; these areas are not accustomed to the high traffic volume that the Monon Trail gets, particularly on the weekends. It is important to recognize that the City of Indianapolis is doing what is necessary for the long-run integrity and safety of the Monon Trail. Caress Law Group’s Indiana Bicycle Accident Lawyers applaud the City’s DPW for making sure this project is not ignored and for making sure it is completed in a timely fashion.

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