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Recent Indiana Bicycle Crashes in Mishawaka and Fayette County
July 12, 2013

Two more Indiana bicycle collisions have recently been reported. On June 30, 2013, a Columbus, Indiana woman was airlifted to a hospital after crashing her bike on a mountain trail near Charleston, West Virginia. News reports indicate that this fellow Hoosier sustained severe injuries to her neck and back after crashing into a small tree. Luckily, this woman survived but is now working on recovering from the bicycle crash injuries she sustained.

A Mishawaka, Indiana man was not so lucky. Timothy Grant, a 54 year-old resident of Mishawaka (near South Bend, Indiana) was riding his bicycle on June 22, 2013. Mr. Grant was headed to work and was even following Indiana bicycle statute by displaying a flashing red light on his bike when he was suddenly struck by a Dodge Charger that was being operated by 22 year-old Brandon Gonzalez. Mr. Gonzalez, a US Army veteran, struck Mr. Grant near Penn High School and instantly killed Mr. Grant, who was wearing a helmet at the time. Brandon Gonzalez attempted to flee the scene of the bicycle crash, but police were able to locate him with the help of witnesses. Mr. Gonzalez faces charges of hit-and-run leaving the scene of an accident resulting in death, operating while intoxicated causing death, and leaving the scene after operating while intoxicated causing death.

The bicycle accident lawyers at Caress Law Group extend our thoughts and prayers to the family of Timothy Grant and wish a fast recovery for our fellow Indiana resident injured in Fayette County, West Virginia. Unfortunately, we hear of similar news far too frequently, and these bicycle wrecks in Indiana are almost always the result of negligence and/or carelessness on the part of either an automobile driver or another bicyclist. Many Indiana cities and towns, including Indianapolis, West Lafayette, South Bend, and Fort Wayne, among others, have recently enacted local bike laws and ordinances that require drivers to leave 3 feet of space when passing a bicyclist on a roadway. This “3 foot rule” in Indiana is an attempt to instill the mindset of all on the road – whether motor vehicles, bicycles, or pedestrians – to “share the road” and to be safe to avoid injuries and deaths like the ones reported above.

At Caress Law Group, our attorneys devote a significant portion of their practice to representing injured victims of bicycle crashes. As cyclists themselves, Tim Caress and Lance Worland understand the vulnerability of bicyclists out on the open road. If you or a loved one has been injured in a bicycle accident in Indiana, feel free to call us for a free discussion of how can help at 317-255-5400 or by clicking Contact Us. We take pride in obtaining settlements, verdicts, and justice for our clients – and we look forward to helping you or a loved on his or her path to recovery.


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