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Bloomington, Indiana Exhibits Commitment to Bicycle Advancement
November 8, 2013

This past year, the City of Bloomington, Indiana has remained committed to installing more than 23 miles of bicycle and pedestrian trails within the college town. Although many of these new bike pathways are still under construction and will be finished in the near future, Bloomington residents are filled with anticipation and excited at the opportunity to utilize these new trails. Most of these new bicycle and pedestrian pathways connect the Indiana University campus with the more outer rim of the City of Bloomington, leaving commuting IU students with much to look forward to.

Bloomington officials are not just satisfied with the approximately 23 miles of new bike trails installed in 2013; in fact, the City of Bloomington is planning to create at least an additional 7 miles of new bike lanes in 2014, which will include about 2 miles of shared use bike lanes and about one mile of new multiuse paths and completely reconstructed sidewalks. Bloomington Mayor Mark Kruzan has stated that the City is ahead of plan in its pursuit of a premier rating from the League of American Bicyclists. Should Bloomington officials remain committed to the introduction of new bicycle trails and bike lanes, pedestrian paths, and bus islands, the City will likely earn a platinum rating, a true honor for a place like Bloomington with many cyclists commuting in and out of the Indiana University campus.

Whenever we hear news of an updated infrastructure that aims at improving bicycle usage, we want to make sure that our readers are aware. Particularly in college towns like Bloomington, we know that students often have a difficult time riding their bikes to class, whether there is a lack of available pathways or an inadequate amount of bike racks. However, efforts like the ones made by Bloomington and Mayor Kruzan make the bicycle lawyers at Caress Law Group proud. As Indiana University graduates and cyclists ourselves, we have experienced firsthand how crowded the campus streets can be and how tough it can be to try and navigate the campus. The City’s most recent efforts will undoubtedly improve these conditions.

With increased bicycle use and new trails also comes a higher probability of a bicycle accident occurring, particularly in towns like Bloomington where thousands of students are contained within a small area with limited amounts of pathways. If you or a loved one has been injured in a bike accident, please do not hesitate to contact our Indiana bicycle accident lawyers. We are available at any time, every day of the week and we are happy to discuss your case with anyone throughout the entire State of Indiana free of charge. Contact Us online or give us a call at 317-255-5400 if you have any questions whatsoever regarding Indiana bicycle law.

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