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About Us

The sole passion and motivation of the Indiana Bicycle Lawyers is to help cyclists, runners, and other pedestrians in their time of need. As bicyclists ourselves, we understand that a by-product of all of the recently added trails, lanes, and paths is an increase in accidents involving vulnerable cyclists and runners. The Indiana bike accident lawyers of Caress Law Group have consistently fought for increased protection for cyclists and runners and have represented a number of victims of bike and running accidents and their families in courts in the Indianapolis area and throughout the State of Indiana.

At Caress Law Group, we relentlessly pursue what is best for our clients. Our approach is simple: we are straight talkers, no fluff, no bull. Our aim is to do what’s right and proper, one accident victim at a time. The firm is guided by the following: “Integrity is the commitment to do what is right regardless of the circumstances – no hidden agendas, no bull. Do the right thing, period.”


The main goal of the Indiana Bicycle Lawyers is to tirelessly advocate for Hoosiers who take advantage of riding bikes and running or walking outdoors. As avid runners and bicyclists  themselves, Tim Caress and Lance Worland understand the concerns of fellow cyclists and runners, who are often times surrounded by drivers of large vehicles who become annoyed by cyclists and want them off the road. Unfortunately, accidents involving cyclists and runners do occur, and that’s where Caress Law group takes great pride and honor in being Indiana’s premier bicycle injury lawyers. Caress Law Group’s bike blog protects the community by alerting readers about recent incidents involving bicycle accidents and also notifies cyclists and runners of some of Indiana’s crash hot spots.

Bicycle Community Updates

The Indiana Bicycle Lawyers created this blog and website in an effort to continually update and provide the Indiana community with information helpful to bicyclists and runners. It is an exciting time in the Indianapolis area, as the community continues to develop new pathways that cater to runners, cyclists, and other pedestrians. As cyclists and runners themselves, Tim Caress and Lance Worland are truly passionate about these new opportunities and intend to provide blog readers with updates on new trails, cycling and running opportunities, gear and equipment information, as well as other information helpful and interesting to cyclists and runners in the Indianapolis community.

Understanding Indiana Bicycle Law

The Indianapolis bicycle accident attorneys at Caress Law Group created this website in an effort to educate and inform the community about the legal issues surrounding bicycling and running in Indiana. It was also created as a resource for victims of bicycle and running accidents in Indiana to learn about their rights and options under the law; but most importanly, we go to battle for victims of bicycle accidents. The website provides all the relevant bicycle laws in Indiana, and the blog interprets these laws so that cyclists, runners, and other pedestrians clearly understand their rights on Indiana’s major roadways and exercise trails.

Always remember to ride and run safely, and enjoy your next opportunity.

Caress Law Group’s Indiana Bicycle Lawyers are the leading Indiana personal injury attorneys who dedicate a significant portion of their law practice to representing victims of bicycle accidents. Please contact us at any time at 317-255-5400 or by clicking the "Contact Us" tab above.
We look forward to helping you on your path to recovery.