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Indiana Bicycle Accidents Not Involving Automobiles
March 28, 2013

Patch RealWhen many people think about serious bicycle accidents, they think of a person riding a bike on a roadway who is hit by a motor vehicle. While this circumstance is not rare and can result in the cyclist sustaining serious bodily injuries, this is not the only way in which a bicycle collision can bring about damages to biker’s body and/or bicycle.

Even though it’s late March and the weather is still not allowing us to get out in Indiana and ride our bikes, the time will soon come where all the major bikeways in the Indianapolis area will be crowded with runners, bikers, and the like. The Indiana Bicycle Lawyers, as proud members of the Indiana cycling community, realize that this is an ideal time of year to get out and enjoy all the resources that the State of Indiana has provided for us; however, we also want to take the time to caution you of the dangers associated with increased outdoor activity and also educate you on how the law in Indiana applies.

With increased Hoosiers using the outdoors for biking and working out, accidents that occur on bikeways, like the Monon Trail in Indianapolis and Carmel, tend to spike. This is not hard to believe. If you have used bike paths like the Monon Trail before, you know that the pathway itself can be very narrow in places, making it hard to navigate when the trail is congested with foot, bicycle, skateboard, and other types of traffic. It is not unusual for bikers to collide with one another or for a cyclist to collide with a person merely looking to experience a relaxing walk on a nice day. To add to the danger, in many places along the Monon Trail, there is a steep drop off from where the trail’s concrete pathway meets the earth, which can add to injury. As a result, the Indiana bike attorneys at Caress Law Group encourage you to follow the rules of the Monon Trail: stay to the right unless passing, only pass when it is safe, and voice your intention to pass a person so that they know you are approaching on their left side.

Unfortunately, accidents caused by bicycle vs. bicycle or bicycle vs. runner/walker/roller-blader, etc. can cause injuries just as severe as those caused by automobiles. If you are injured while on the Monon Trail or any other bike pathway due to the fault of another, make sure you obtain that person’s valid information (name, address, insurance info) and even ask to see his or her Indiana driver’s license if possible. If you have a cell phone with you, make sure you call them to file a report of the incident. Under most circumstances, these individuals are covered by home owner’s insurance, and you can make a claim against their home owner’s insurance to make sure you are properly compensated for your injuries.

The Indiana Bicycle Accident Lawyers of Caress Law Group are committed to ensuring that Hoosier bicyclists, runners, and other pedestrians remain safe. Please visit our blog, www.IndianaBicycleLaw.com, for Indiana Bicycle Laws and click here for a free Indiana flag sticker and/or patch. If you have a question about Indiana personal injury or medical malpractice law, please contact Indianapolis Bicycle Lawyer Lance Worland by calling him at 317-255-5400 or emailing him at Lance@CaressLaw.com. Initial consultations are always free.

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