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Indiana Bicycle Law Update: South Bend Approves 3 Foot Rule
March 14, 2013

3 feetThe Indianapolis Bicycle Accident Lawyers at Caress Law Group are privileged to share with you that recent news reports are indicating that the South Bend Common Council voted 9-0 in favor of an ordinance requiring motor vehicle drivers to provide at least 3 feet of distance when passing bicycle users on the city’s roadways. As a matter of fact, no person present at the meeting spoke in opposition to the law. The Bicycle Accident Attorneys in Indiana salute Gavin Ferlic for introducing this idea to the City of South Bend.

You may be wondering how such a law can be enforced, as it is highly unlikely any law enforcement officer will have the opportunity to measure the distance between passing vehicles and the bicyclist. The recent news developments indicate that each individual police officer will have discretion in determining whether or not a driver is too closely passing a cyclist. Officers will not issue tickets to vehicles not leaving enough space unless it is clear that most citizens of South Bend know the new law. Realistically, attempting to enforce this new law will provide a police officer an ideal opportunity to stop the passing vehicle and educate them on the law so that they leave more space next time they pass a bicycle user.

South Bend is just the third Indiana city to pass the 3 foot rule, joining Fort Wayne and Indianapolis. No similar state law exists. One of the obvious reasons for enacting this new law is to prevent motor vehicle vs. bicycle collisions and, as a result, prevent severe injuries. However, another very important motivation behind this law is to educate drivers and bike riders about the importance of sharing the road. It is vital to our Indiana community that bicyclists and motorists alike respect all others using the roadways. The Indiana bicycle lawyers at Caress Law group support the City’s efforts to reduce South Bend bicycle accidents and increase harmony on the roads.

If you have any questions about bicycle law in Indiana, please contact Indiana Bicycle Lawyer Lance Worland by calling 317-255-5400 or emailing him at lance@caresslaw.com at any time. All initial consultations are free. Also, please be sure to request an Indiana Flag patch or sticker free of charge to support the Indiana bicycle community.

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