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Update: Indianapolis Bike Boxes
July 24, 2013

Back in April, Caress Law Group’s Indiana bicycle crash lawyers posted an article about the City’s plan to implement bike boxes in select spots throughout Indianapolis. You can read this article by clicking: “Indianapolis to Implement Bike Boxes.” Today, however, we are proud to announce that the first bike boxes in Indianapolis have been completed and are currently being used by bicyclists. Thanks to UrbanIndy, we now know the first bike boxes are located at the intersection of 71st Street and Cross Key Drive as well as 73rd Street and Cross Key Drive.

These two bike boxes have been painted green and are now ready for use. For more information about these Bike Boxes, check out our previously written article. Our bicycle lawyers hope that the utilization of these bike boxes will decrease bicycle vs. motor vehicle accidents, but this is an important trial period currently taking place where city officials will be able to determine whether they help or not: the verdict is still out on the bike boxes.BikeBox

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