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Indiana Bicycle Trails
July 15, 2013

We like to cycle ourselves, so we understand the occasional urge you might have to get out on a new pedestrian and bicycle-designated trail. If you live in Indianapolis or central Indiana, you probably ride the Monon Trail, Cultural Trail, or Fall Creek Greenways on a fairly regular basis. While all these bike paths are tremendous for biking and exercising with amazing views of the city, there are other bicycle trails throughout the State of Indiana that provide great biking experiences and are also very distinct from trails like the Monon.biketrail

While our Indiana bicycle lawyers at Caress Law Group are committed to providing aggressive representation on behalf of injured bicyclists in Indiana, we also advocate for Indiana bikers to have the best riding experience possible. For that reason, we have provided a link on our website that lists some of our favorite Indiana bike routes and trails for readers to peruse, research, and eventually get out on and ride. We have always had a great time when we plan a bike trip weeks in advance to ride one of the trails that are an hour or two away from Indianapolis. This journey might take you to a part of Indiana that you have never before been. Indiana’s unique landscape and beauty lends itself well to adventurous bikers – and we would recommend taking a look at some of these bike routes and maybe planning a trip in the future.

One of our bicycle accident lawyers’ favorite bicycle paths is the Nickel Plate Trail that runs from near Kokomo, Indiana all the way to around Rochester, Indiana. In between, you will pass historic Indiana towns like Bunker Hill, Peru, and Denver. The scenic beauty along this trail is difficult to put into words, so you will need to bike this trail yourself to find out! Another personal favorite of ours is the Oak Savannah Trail in northwest Indiana. This path runs through Lake County, Indiana and Porter County, Indiana and extends from Griffith, Indiana to Hobart, Indiana. This 8 mile trail will take you through some of the area’s historic sites, like old bridges and downtown areas with very welcoming small shops and restaurants.

Feel free to scan through some of the trails we have provided for our readers by clicking here. Also, if you decide to ride one or more of these Indiana bicycle routes and would like to ride in style, request a free Indiana bicycle flag patch or sticker. Our bicycle attorneys want to promote the use of bicycles in the great State of Indiana – so we would be honored to provide you with this free merchandise!

If you have any questions about this post or any questions regarding Indiana bicycle or law or personal injury law in general, don’t hesitate to call us at 317-255-5400 or by clicking to submit an online inquiry.

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